Festival Footcare

  1. Remember you’ll be in a field for a day or more so have appropriate footwear for the conditions. Generally, this would mean good quality hiking boots or well-fitting Wellington boots with plenty of clean, dry long socks. If it is forecast to be dry a good quality pair of trainers might do.  

  2. If you have a history of previous ankle sprains or if it is slippery underfoot, wear hiking boots that protect the ankle.  

  3. Get used to wearing your footwear before attending the festival. Wearing new shoes and wellies for the first time during a festival can cause escalating problems and ruin your fun.

  4. If wearing wellies and shorts, make sure you have socks longer than the wellies - if you don't you may chaff the skin on your shins. Ouch!

  5. Air your feet overnight by taking off your footwear and change into dry socks frequently.  

  6. Avoid walking on muddy sloping banks. You could fall or twist your ankle.

  7. Limit the amount you carry - injuries frequently occur on the way into the festival when festival-goers are laden with heavy rucksacks and tents.

  8. Don’t walk around the site barefoot (resist your inner hippy).

  9. Don't ignore blisters - they can alter your gait and lead to more serious problems.

  10. Likewise, don't ignore infections. The medical teams are there to help you.